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  1. Hi. My journey will be slow due to lack of funds at this time. My only income is donating plasma. My wife gets SSI and a pension but that goes towards the car, insurance and a couple of other payments. Linda(my Wife) and I have had a serious talk and, it has come down to this: selling the car and canceling the insurance. That's the only logical explanation we came up with. That's ok because we had been without a car up to 2019, and we came here to Oklahoma City, in 2014. Prior to that, we were living in San Diego, homeless. Linda is actually from Southern California; I'm originally from pla
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Peter J. Sabo. I live in Oklahoma City, OK. I've been interested in aviation and flying for too many years. I would like to learn more about this amazing and, semi-new venture of drones and the commercial end of it. I know there is a website called: Drone Pilot Ground School. I have investigated this program and it looks like it'll be up my area of interest. I know there are a wide range of UAS/drones available. I'm thinking of starting small and gradually graduating to a more advance set up. I look forward to becoming a commercial UAS/Drone pi