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  1. Thanks Dave. Im still trying to wrap my head around the airspace definitions and recognition. The airfield in question is the Marshfield Airport in Wisconsin.
  2. Thanks you for the input. Im not familiar with Dropzone. Is it an app similar to B4UFly and Airmap?
  3. Long time RC pilot(real long time) got into dji drones three years ago. Im only interested as a recreational flyer. Retired as a PA ten years ago and have been flying rc fixed wings since 1975. I'm trying to stay abreast of the new regs and am curious about pending FAA test for rec flying and if fixed wing flyer only are to be involved. Happy to be aboard here.
  4. I live within five miles of a non towered airfield that used to require field operator consent via phone. Currently using Airmap or B4UFly apps, it states either laanc is not available or authorization not required. Question is do I still have get phone permission from field operator? I am a recreational flyer. Thank you.