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  1. Has anyone in this forum request and received a waiver from the National Park Service to fly within the boundaries of a national park?
  2. Benjamin, A Part 107 pilot with more than 230 hours of flight time on multiple drone quad opted drone systems, I have provided engineering and construction companies with drone mapping and data collection services for five years. If possible, would like to test your UAV system on a several hundred acre government agency project in South Florida To create a mosaic map to track progress over a several month period. Thank you for your consideration. David Oakes david@skydatauav.com 954-647-3924
  3. You may want to contact Precisionhawk or team with DroneHive. President is Paul Huish: phuish@dronehiveinc.com. For a project that size you will need a fixed-wing UAV and likely a BVLOS waiver. PrecisionHawk has obtained one. Nice project! David
  4. I would use the Mavic 2 Pro as a backup drone to my Phantom 4 Pro, and primary drone when traveling on an airplane to job sites and on vacation. It is portable, reliable and perfect for images and data collection on job sites and for visual pleasure.
  5. It is challenging to continually stay abreast of evolving UAV technology and to understand the opportunities to develop and grow a UAV business. Attending InterDrone would enable me to attend seminars that would help me improve my knowledge to more effectively market UAV services, see and understand the latest UAV and add-on technology, and network with people who may need UAV service providers and to meet and learn from other UAV operators. And, it's a great place to see how far the industry has come and where it is going. Thank you for the opportunity to attend at a lower cost.