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  1. Two years ago, I became a part of the Battelle Memorial Institute's revived Agricultural Crop Protections Program in the United States. Battelle itself is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring innovations in science and technology to society and businesses, and provide outreach to our local community on what we do and how they may also be a part of the mission. This year, the mission celebrates 90 years with the brightest minds set on bringing about progress in fields including health, environment, cyber security, and military. The purpose of our Agricultural team is to study technologies used in protection of human and environmental health, and how to better create sustainable agricultural systems. Recently, we have begun to explore the use of drone technologies in this realm and how this technology may aid our mission. A chance to attend the Interdrone conference may open up opportunities for cooperation between the world of drones and the minds of Battelle. I would be grateful to be put into consideration for a chance to attend this conference. Thank you all for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.