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  1. It would be the perfect little drone for me to take multiple snapshots of unknown rural communities and gems then stitch them together into inviting panoramas that can be used to promote more awareness, tourism and business.
  2. I know I'm not in the top 5 list, but I wanted to share anyway. My father is getting up there in years (85+) and loves photography. And while he keeps his mind young, the physical has restricted him from being able to walk around freely to take nature & landscape photo shoots. When I fly out to visit and bring my drone with me, he gets so excited with the chance to use it and shoot various things. He then ends up with a nice little collection that he fiddles with on his computer and eventually prints out and frames. The drone gives him a new type of mobility and rekindles a passion that he has missed for some time... And I imagine that there are many other seniors that are looking for ways to escape their physical bodies to still enjoy their passions, but technology can be a scary thing without a helping hand from a younger loved one. So getting him a drone that is extremely safe to control and takes excellent pictures such as a Mavic 2 Pro is on my wish list for him.
  3. Blaine

    Yorba Linda Park CA USA

    Did some arials around the lakes at our regional park and discovered a more reliable fish finder. Do you see him?
  4. Just a thought from Southern California here... why not work with existing existing vector control districts and setup some type of mutual benefit? We have a group in Orange County that's pretty active, especially with the Aedes guys running around. Plus, there are quite a few of us remote pilots around and just may be the local districts could help in fast-tracking interested parities with the addition licensing requirements.