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  1. My first drone came in the mail only two days ago, it is a Hubsan X4 H107L. I am very new to this field and currently have very little to offer the drone industry. I do however have an unwavering curiosity about drones and want to know more about their applications in today’s world. It is my hope that I will eventually be able to contribute to creating new boundaries in the applications of commercial drones, and I have no doubt that InterDrone would provide the kick start that I am currently looking for to do that. Researching online presents it’s challenges when learning about something that is continuously evolving. I know InterDrone would provide me with the unique opportunity of being side by side the current leaders of this industry, and it would be wonderful to hear their presentations and ask them the many questions that I already have on my mind. I hope you can consider me for this great opportunity and I hope to see you in Las Vegas, or at another future InterDrone conference. All the best! Mark Holley Houston, TX