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  1. The climb up was worth it!
  2. Great weather for flying last weekend!
  3. Our most important connection to the South for centuries
  4. Perfect weather for some hiking in the mountains!
  5. Thank you very much! The title i did using the camera tracker node in Fusion in DaVinci Resolve 17 Studio
  6. Took advantage of some nice weather to finally visit the source of the Rhône river in Switzerland.
  7. Thank you, I try to improve all the time. Thanks for the tips, I was planning on going to the lake for close ups, but after hiking (climbing in parts!) on that ridge for hours i was too tired and my feet hurt so i decided to not do the detour. I hope my fitness improves soon so i can do a little more
  8. Thank you, it is! As always, the landscape is doing most of the work for me
  9. A great landscape with nice weather and some clouds. Perfect credentials for a nice flying day
  10. I found a not very well known place in Switzerland with beautiful views and great hiking and climbing opportunities!
  11. A compilation of some of my favorite scenes from this year.
  12. Rock formations from the last ice age, surrounded by glowing autumn colors:
  13. Went exploring a beautiful mountain-area with 3 stunning lakes, before winter finally takes hold:
  14. The first Snow this year fell last week in Switzerland: