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  1. Thank you very much! Yes, it gets shorter by about 3 Meters every year. 50 Years ago it reached all the way down to the valley, now it only just reaches to the highest cable car station. It's a real problem here. Mighty glaciers, which drew many tourists in the last centuries are less impressive now and might be gone in another 50-100 years. Look at these comparison photos: And this is the one from the video:
  2. You're welcome! Thanks for watching! Yes, i admit, I'm lucky. And with over 100 Destinations marked on my map I have a lot to do in the future
  3. Went really high up this time to see beautiful glacier landscapes at Längfluh near Saas-Fee in Switzerland:
  4. Thank you! Interesting, that's the first time i've heard this, no one else so far had this comment. It's always difficult to hit the brightness right, it looks different from screen to screen. It seems to look fine for me on al my screens and my phone and the meters in the editing software seem quite balanced. Only when i look at it on youtube on white background (or here embedded in this forum), it seems darker, but i think thats an optical illusion because of the white background (which in general isn't good for video, that's why all editing software have dark interfaces and backgrounds)
  5. Quite a long hike this weekend to reach the Bachalpsee near Grindelwald in Switzerland:
  6. Went exploring another area of my country i hadn't seen yet yesterday:
  7. A US TV show made a short clip about id:
  8. Tanks for watching Thank you! Glad you like it! Wow, thanks
  9. Hi guys, I'm new here. This is my latest video from the Swiss alps: