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  1. All I can say it that this is so cool! Very, very powerful! I wonder how well this would do in a cave environment to map it? How much does it rely on GPS signals to do what it does? Tim Luttrell
  2. Well, it turns out the property owners will be happy with 11 X 14 sized photos. My next question is what settings do I need that drone camera set to in order to get that size of a photo in good quality.
  3. Thanks for your response as this was helpful. I will get with the property owners and see how they would like to proceed.
  4. I hope someone out there much more skilled with the camera on the Mavic Air can assist me. I have been asked to take some photos of a friend's property to so they can frame them. They will hang them up beside arial shots that were taken 20 years ago of their property and they want to me to do it from the same angle. The finished pictures will be about 24" by 28" and this where I have failed. The photos I took were quite small, thumbnail size and when I expanded them the resolution was so terrible they became less recognizable the more I enlarged them. What settings should I set on this Mavic Air camera to obtain photos that can be enlarged to the size needed without loss of detail or quality?
  5. We have the expertise to find and recruit professional drone pilots and while it looks like you may have some good recourses in some of those who have commented here if you wish our assistance we would be glad to work with you and can do so nationally. Tim Luttrell, CSP Utility Staffing Group T 423.347.3006 ext. 101 | F 423.500.1012 | C 423.754.3004 tluttrell@lstaff.com | www.utilitystaffing.com