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  1. Meteo O2 is the payload born with the serious purpose to save lives. It’s able to deliver a great amount of aiding resources (up to 15KG), such as water, food, pollution mask, etc, to the people who are trapped some where before/after disasters. 1. Max lift at 15KG It has 2 hooking arms, each one is able to lift 7.5KG at most. That would be a considerable amount of resources for a lot of people. 2. 4 Mega pixels 360 degree panoramic camera 3. Delivery to designated coordinates autonomously We can set the coordinates in the software if it’s out of the real time communication range. It will drop the resources accurately to the coordinates by calculating its crusing speed, height and horizontal/vertial distance from the spot. 4. Fast assembly with standard connector. No more than 30 seconds need to attach it under the Multirotor drone. Wish to see it joins in more SAR missions in the future and save more lives.