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  1. At 18:03 on November 2, the command center of the fire brigade of Guilin City, Guangxi Province received an alarm: a mass was trapped on an unknown mountain. The Guilin fire brigade command immediately dispatched a rescue formation, 2 fire engines and 14 commanders. Go to the scene to rescue. When arriving at the scene, due to the darkness of the weather, rescuers could not confirm the specific location of the trapped person. At 18:37, rescuers used drones to search for the specific location of trapped people. After reconnaissance by drones, they found trapped people on the top of a mountain. Due to the difficulty of steep mountain rescue, it was decided to use drones for rescue. At 19:08 on the 2nd, under the unified leadership of the rescue command, the fire commander and a civilian police officer carried rescue equipment and lighting equipment, hatchets, etc. to the mountains for search and rescue, until the early morning, the weather became darker and the rescuers found that there was no The road can go up. Rescuers had to go down the mountain to redeploy the rescue plan and use the loudspeakers on the heavy duty drones to scream for the trapped people and use the drone to deliver food to the trapped people. At 7 o'clock on the 3rd, rescuers rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. Rescuers used heavy duty drones to find a way up the mountain for the firefighters to detect the terrain and detect the location of the trapped people. At around 14:00 on the 3rd, the rescuers finally found trapped people at the top of the mountain. Firefighters and rescuers appease the trapped people and adjust their physical strength to go down the mountain. On the way down the mountain, the rescued person took the trapped person to overcome the difficult mountain road and arrived at the foot of the mountain with the trapped person at 15:52. It is understood that the trapped person is a middle-aged man. He wanted to go up the mountain to find wild honey. After climbing for 10 hours to the unnamed mountain top, he found that he could not find the way down the mountain. At the rescue site, the government department linked with the Chinese industrial drone manufacturer MMC, and called 6 sets of various drones on site to add strength to the smooth rescue.
  2. The current hotspots in the technology circle are non-UAVs. Whether it is "breaking into" the White House or helping Wang Feng to make a headline, the exposure of drones has soared day by day, and the commercial value of the "big toys" in the new era is rapidly digging. There have been rumors recently that MI has invested in a new drone research and development team. Last week, Taobao and Yuantong joint merchants carried out drone delivery services in specific areas such as Beijing. With the gradual application in the field of aerial photography, express delivery, and security, the commercial value of drones is being tapped, and the heating of the drone consumer market has also made drone manufacturing companies highly regarded. Small things, large output value The drone was originally a "toy" of geeks (referring to cutting-edge technology enthusiasts), but a technology product within a niche range. As exposures increase, so does the discussion about the drone market. At the beginning of this year, 14 companies in the field of drones participated in the CES exhibition (International Consumer Electronics Show), which leads the global consumer electronics trend, including IT giants such as Intel. According to data from the Consumer Electronics Association, the number of civilian UAVs in the world is expected to be sold in 2015. The market size is expected to increase by 55% compared with last year, reaching 130 million U.S. dollars. In 2018, the global UAV market is expected to grow at least. One billion dollars. This market forecast also shows the value of this technology product and the prospects in this field to the outside world. Domestically, there are also unimaginable drone hardware manufacturers. Among them, Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is the most representative. According to research firm Frost & Sullivan, DJI accounts for 50% of the global small drone market share. The protagonists in the recent news that sparked discussions have received more attention from the industry. The company was founded in 2007, and its sales increased from more than 3 million yuan in 2010 to more than 800 million yuan in 2013. It is expected that there will be more than three times growth in 2014. In addition, domestic drone manufacturers are also favored by capital in the near future. Among them, Feifei completed a $20 million Series A financing, and Yihang Airlines also completed a $10 million Series A financing. Recently, DJI will also receive an investment of 200 million yuan from Sequoia Capital. With the financing, the valuation of these companies has also increased by dozens of times. "Toy" encounters policy threshold UAVs are beginning to gain popularity, thanks to lower manufacturing costs and improved technology. At present, consumer-grade civil drones have become a favorite for some lovers at relatively low prices. A DJI person admits that the four-rotor aircraft is very fun, but it has also been explored as a valuable industry outside of toys. In the transition from professional to consumer products, in addition to the important entry barrier of price, the biggest resistance is the perception from consumers. Huyiqiang, CEO of Haixiang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. explained that the trend of popularization of civilian drones in the past decade has emerged as a new generation of civilian drones featuring low-cost hardware and software and modular design. However, cost and performance, reliability, and safety are contradictions that are difficult to reconcile. Civil machines are still not comparable to traditional manned aircraft with airworthiness certificates. "Some of the drone manufacturers who are the model aircraft have insufficient technical reserves and lack of airworthiness regulations for aircraft. Although efforts are being made to improve product reliability, security risks still exist." Huyiqiang said, policy requirements The initial airworthiness of the drone is managed according to the method of the licensed flight certificate, and the registration is required. The drone with an operating weight of more than 7 kg is required to hold the driver's certificate, but the statistics on February 9 show that the number of passengers in the current drone is A total of 244 people. Many people believe that the consumer drone market is in urgent need of policy guidance, and that the support of the policy will help it get rid of the toy definition and explore a broader business model. Enterprises are hoping that the application of new technologies can be quickly realized. However, if you can't find a suitable commercial scene, you will eventually get a bucket of water. Commercial scene extension “There is a voice in the industry that the commercialization of drones is only a gimmick, but in fact, the successful application scenarios exist.” Huyiqiang believes that, apart from the regulatory level, there are still defects in the technical aspects of UAVs, but some application areas such as aerial photography and aerial survey These shortcomings can be circumvented, and companies can profit margins by choosing the right commercial scenario development market. DJI CEO Wang Tao has said that manipulating flight models for aerial photography is a lucrative business, and will be used in almost all filming scenes with exterior scenes. The performance of Dajiang UAV in aerial photography and aerial survey has also been recognized by the market. UAVs are also receiving attention in the field of logistics and transportation. In fact, several major e-commerce giants such as Amazon and DHL have begun to experiment with drone logistics. For example, Amazon launched the Prime Air drone logistics program, Google acquired the drone company Titan Aerospace, and Germany approved DHL. Machine delivery. Domestically, Taobao, Yuantong and SF have also joined the ranks of UAV logistics. HuYiqiang said that the use of drones for cargo transportation will inevitably be achieved, but at this stage is limited by cost, and supervision still needs to be improved. Therefore, it takes several years to see the real application. In addition, drones can also be used in agricultural production, rescue, energy, wildlife protection, and other fields. The industry predicts that in the future, the UAV in the civilian consumer class will be more widely used, but it still needs to be polished in various aspects such as technology, enterprise, and policy. The company whose main business is civil drones is not very large, and it is easy to encounter development bottlenecks. In an industry that lacks effective barriers to competition and barriers, it is also difficult to create profits. UAV companies need to focus on the applicable business scenarios in order for product prices to cross the coast line.
  3. The drone industry boom swept the world, and the domestic market was “savagely growing” In the past five years, the speed of expansion of global drones has been very rapid, and the growth rate of output and output value has been above 50%. By 2018, the global production of drones reached 4.61 million, and the output value increased to 8.17 billion US dollars. China's drones have developed into a globally advantageous industry, especially in the field of civilian drones, which has an absolute dominant position in the world, accounting for more than 70% of the market. In the past five years, a large number of UAV industrial chain related enterprises have emerged in China. By 2018, the number of enterprises has reached 5,513, and the sales volume has exceeded 3 million. The market scale has exceeded 40 billion yuan, and the growth rate has remained at a high level of 50%. Savage growth." UAV is a new round of industrial revolution hotspots, industry investment is hot In China, there are emerging benchmarks such as DJI, MMC, Ehang, EWATT, XAGi and Zero Tech; and technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Tencent and Xiaomi have also deployed the application and development of drones; Heavy-duty, Leibai Technology, Longxin GM, Zongshen Power, AVIC Electromechanical, AVIC and other listed companies have deployed civil drones through independent research and development, mergers and acquisitions, industry-university-research cooperation, and industrial chain extension. In the future, with the development of drones and the continuous reduction of production costs, national policies will gradually land, and market development will become more mature. China's drone industry will usher in a new round of outbreaks. UAV market demand is accelerated, and 100 billion market will be nugged in the next 10 years UAVs have been widely used in the fields of film and television aerial photography, traditional agroforestry, industrial operations, disaster relief, public safety, and consumer entertainment. In 2018, there were 271,000 registered users of UAV owners in the whole industry, including 240,000 individual users, 31,000 corporate, business, and legal entity users. 44,560 effective pilot licenses for drones. There are 287,000 aircraft, and the drone's operational flight activities amounted to 370,000 hours. With the expansion of the UAV application field and the maturity of its application, the 100 billion market will be nugged in the next 10 years.
  4. The drone has the advantages of easy handling, low cost, and taking off and landing at any time. In an emergency rescue incident, it can quickly penetrate the disaster site, obtain on-site image data, and avoid casualties. With the maturity of drone technology, drones have become an indispensable part of rescue operations, and have great potential and product demand in the emergency rescue market. With the advancement of modern science, many fields have a great connection with modern information technology. Rescue drones are the product of the combination of information technology and intelligent manufacturing. Because the rescue drone has the advantages of disaster investigation, transportation materials, emergency communication, etc., it can provide multi-faceted assistance in large-scale sudden disasters, and natural disasters and accidents are generally sudden leave, which has not yet reached the forecast. And avoid, so the demand for rescue drones is still large, and the development prospects are broad. According to the "2019-2023 Relief UAV Industry Market Depth Survey and Investment Prospect Forecast Analysis Report" released by the New World Industrial Research Center, the rescue mission faces a harsh environment and time constraints, and the rescue drone is highly efficient. With low environmental requirements, it can effectively complete various rescue activities and gain greater recognition and support in the emergency rescue industry. With the maturity of rescue drones, their implementation in rescue operations is becoming more frequent. With the rapid development of R&D and upgrade of rescue drone products, the development of the rescue drone industry will also move toward specialization in the future. The drone rescue mode will become the mainstream trend. The rescue drone is broad before its development and is expected to become the next billion-yuan market. Modern aid should be more urgently combined with national science and technology. The developed countries have higher levels of science and technology. They should be able to rescue the rapid industry and play it faster. At present, a relatively complete industrial chain has been formed, and intelligent rescue machine has become its national development strategy. In China, the rescue intelligence started late, and the economic impact was low in the early stage, which led to slow development. With the implementation of the National 13th Five-Year Plan, China's disaster relief machinery industry received high attention. With the training of China's rescue drone support force, the establishment of a large database of drones and the introduction of relevant laws, China's aid to the UAV industry will enter a professional development and promote the development of the rescue drone industry. According to new analysts in the industry, with the continuous development of technology and the integration of modern technology and various industries, the intelligentization of the rescue industry has become a trend, and the development prospects of rescue drones are better. However, at present, China's rescue industry system is not perfect, lack of laws and regulations, and the development of the rescue drone industry is slow. However, with the continuous improvement of the rescue industry, its requirements for the professionalization of emergency rescue drones continue to grow.
  5. On October 28-31, 2019, the 17th China International Public Safety Expo (CPSE) will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the acceleration of the construction of smart cities, smart transportation, and smart policing, drones are becoming an indispensable device for social public safety services. Drones in public safety Nowadays, illegal criminals are increasingly diversified and high-tech and traditional artificial security models are facing many difficulties. The drones equipped with multi-function pan/tilt, due to the advantages of self-planning routes, all-round monitoring in the air, accurate data collection, and automatic intelligent control, the drone quickly collects images and transmits them back to the command center in the event of an emergency. Police officers can grasp the location of the incident in real-time and deploy it in time. It has been widely used in the security field, especially in the pursuit of fugitives, patrol search, anti-terrorism and riot, traffic management, fire fighting, large-scale event security and social assistance and rescue. The task played an irreplaceable role. As the leading brand of industrial drones and the world's first drone company that has opened the entire industrial chain of industrial drones, MMC Aviation is committed to building automation based on reliable communications, AI big data and high-precision situational awareness technology. The drone security system is widely used in practical situations such as search and rescue, fire protection, traffic management, and emergency rescue. The advantages of MMC's full industrial chain technology in security: Utilizing the advantages of the entire industry chain technology, MMC has developed a new generation of fully automated drone security systems. As the core of the security system, MMC uses the self-developed MSpace UAV dispatching platform to realize the true three-dimensional high-precision digitization of the security monitoring area. Based on the digital scene, the MMC can automatically preset the mission route and perform big data security detection. As a carrier of airbase stations and rapid deployment tasks, drones are equipped with different equipments for collaborative operation and play a vital role in the security field. The MMC NOTUZIX85 drone has high load capacity and excellent endurance. The modular design further enhances reliability, ease of use, and efficient endurance, providing a reliable high-performance flight platform for the UAV security industry. In addition, MMC UAV monitoring equipment has the characteristics of traceability, high efficiency, and stereoscopic. By mounting ThyeaE30, ThyeaZ40, and ThyeaT2, suspicious targets can be identified, alerted, locked, and tracked in space. Among them, Thyea E30 adopts 35x optical zoom lens, 1000m laser range finder, with target fast-tracking and precise positioning function; while Thyea Z40 with 25 million pixels and 40x zoom can obtain high-definition surveillance image from long distance; Thyea T2 It integrates advanced imported detectors and high-performance pan/tilt system to support pointing movement, pointing temperature measurement, high-temperature alarm, high-temperature tracking and other functions. In addition, MMC's drones can also be mounted with a range of applications for assisted capture. The Thunder P1 can monitor the scene in real-time and conduct high-altitude calls. The Nova L50 has flashing, steady, and bright working modes. It has a single-axis pan/tilt that can adjust the angle of the searchlight in real-time, even at night or in dimly lit environments. It can also work at night; APOLLO FN1 comes with a high-definition camera that can accurately capture the catching net from the air to prevent illegal elements from escaping. The era of intelligence is coming, technology is transforming the direction of driving force, and artificial intelligence is accelerating into various industries. The emergence of drone security will break through the traditional plane security system, and the expansion of three-dimensional security is the trend of the current industry development. The MMC fully automated UAV security system accelerates the intelligent development of the security industry, making security applications no longer restricted by the limited application of personnel and technology, and truly making urban security applications more convenient, intelligent and efficient.
  6. UAVs are not only used for film and television aerial photography, but also used in large-scale use in environmental monitoring and enforcement. On October 21st, the first China Henan Province Environmental Monitoring System UAV Law Enforcement Skills Competition was held. The participants of the provincial environmental monitoring system gathered in Zhengzhou City and competed on the same stage, and finally decided the first prize and the second prize. And "unmanned law enforcement experts." In the arena, a UAV took turns to take off, obstacles through, and video recordings and other competitions were contested. The players competed on the field with operational skills and on-site forensics. "The arduous task of pollution prevention and control has forced us to learn to use high-tech means to enforce the law and be able to arrive at the scene for evidence collection." Wang Anning, an award-winning athlete from the Anyang Environmental Monitoring Detachment, said that the use of drones will lead to environmental monitoring and enforcement. The more popular, the province's environmental law enforcement training this year, the use of drone skills as an important part of the training. "Many of them are not easy to check, and it is easy to find them from the sky with drones." Zhang Kunfeng, the law enforcement commander of the Shangqiu Environmental Monitoring Detachment, said that they have started using drones in the past two years, and they have been inspected at water sources. In the first-line law enforcement operations such as investigation and investigation of “disorganized pollution”, the drones have shown their talents. “On one occasion, we received reports from the masses and came to the area where the drones flew for ten minutes. We quickly discovered four or five 'scattered pollution' enterprises. Another time, the air monitoring station alarmed the concentration of pollutants. Li, flying with a drone to the air of 30 meters, quickly locked the source of pollution is the cinder car..." Speaking of the use of drones, Zhang Kunfeng introduced several successful cases. According to reports, the drone can not only achieve aerial view and take evidence, some UAVs are also equipped with an air monitoring module, where the concentration of pollutants is high, you can go where to check, and some drones are equipped with equipment, Contaminant sampling can be achieved. With the Gas Detector G2, independently developed by MMC, the environment can be recorded 360 degrees. The system supports high-precision real-time detection of up to 80 different gases, and is mounted on a drone instead of manual work for inspecting hazardous areas and hard-to-reach areas for real-time environmental data monitoring. In recent years, in the environmental supervision and law enforcement throughout the province, the UAV began to appear gradually. The use of drones has also become a skill that frontline environmental monitoring law enforcement personnel need to master. "The training of drone skills and the holding of competitions are not only the practice of Henan, but also the important content of environmental law enforcement training." Li Weiqun, chief engineer of the Provincial Ecological Environment Department, said that in recent years, the province's pollution prevention and control has steadily advanced. The overall environmental quality is improving. However, the current environmental protection situation is still grim. Various environmental violations are still frequent, and the forms of expression are more subtle. There is an urgent need for scientific and technological means of modernization. The use of drones is becoming a new means of environmental monitoring and enforcement in the province.
  7. According to US media reports, on October 15, a young boy named Essen and a pet dog were lost near the town of Pamo, Minnesota, USA. A total of 600 volunteers participated in the search and rescue, and the local police also dispatched patrol helicopters. Searching, many people who are concerned about the event prayed for the boy online. The search and rescue work continued from 4 pm to late night. Due to the lack of additional lighting on the farm night, the visibility was extremely poor and the outdoor temperature dropped drastically, which brought great difficulties to the search and rescue work. I thought that Steve, a volunteer from the drone service company, brought his drone, a multi-functional drone developed by an industrial drone manufacturer in China, equipped with a thermal imaging lens. It can continue to work at night. It is understood that the thermal imaging camera used by Steve integrates a high-precision thermal imaging sensor and a 4K visible light sensor. It can record and transmit thermal imaging and visible light effects at the same time. In real-time image transmission, thermal imaging and visible image can be displayed side by side or picture-in-picture according to the needs. At the same time, the latest machine intelligence technology is combined with FLIR MSX image enhancement technology. The combination of visible light and thermal imaging provides rich detail and produces sharper thermal imaging, making it easier for users to identify targets. At two o'clock in the morning, when searching for a cornfield about a mile from the farm, two spots appeared in the thermal image, and a long spot was moving in place. "I think it should be a pet dog." And the boy, so I informed everyone," Steve said. Search and rescue personnel immediately went to the location to successfully find Ethan and his pet dog. After being rescued, the boy had all the good signs and had returned home after being examined by the hospital.
  8. With the further development of drone technology, the well-known drones are not only used in aerial photography, but also have a huge role in the rescue of trapped people. The drone  with a thermal imaging camera, which can assist the search and rescue personnel to quickly find the trapped person. It can also deliver relief supplies, first aid kits, etc. through the drone, and can also restore the communication by setting up the base station through the unmanned rack. In the past month, due to the continuous heavy rain in parts of Sichuan Province of China, high rock mass collapsed along the railway line, the line was interrupted, and some rescue personnel lost contact. After the disaster, railway, armed police, firefighting, medical and other rescue personnel have arrived at the scene. A total of more than 180 rescue and rescue personnel were involved, 7 railcars and 8 excavators were dispatched, 8 trains and rescue equipment materials were transported, and 4G communication equipment and lighting equipment were used for rescue. During the rescue process, drone search played an important role.
  9. Oil and gas industry are both very familiar and strange to the public , people are consuming oil and gas everyday but very few got to know the technologies of oil exploitation, refining, storage, and transportation. Among the various work items of oil workers, pipeline inspection is the most basic and difficult one. In order to ensure the safety of energy transmission, oil workers must conduct regular inspections of oil and gas pipelines. The total mileage of oil and gas pipelines in China is nearly 150,000 kilometers. The pressure on the safety maintenance and daily inspection of oil and gas pipelines is increasing. Manual inspections have been unable to meet the needs of the industry. In order to improve inspection efficiency and avoid potential safety hazards, pipeline inspection drones have developed rapidly and have been used widely in recent years.  UAV for oil&gas inspection solutions: I-Oilfield geography mapping, pipeline planning Visualized 3D image data acquisition system for specific mapping of oilfield exploration, mining, and land planning. II-Petrochemical pipeline inspection, high-altitude equipment inspection The drone replaces manual work for high-altitude equipment inspections, and oil depot monitoring. III-Accident spot reconnaissance The UAV can monitor through the smoke and patrol the accident fire source. The gas detection system can detect the pipeline leakage in time and take prompt measures. Compared with manpower, the advantages of drone inspection are obvious: the drone is flexible, easy to operate, and can carry multi-mode payloads to adapt to different application scenarios. It can not only overcome the difficulties of long distances, complicated road conditions, and difficulty in reaching people, but also realize the functions of 24 hours’monitoring, tracking and locking, etc., effectively making up for the shortcomings of other inspection methods.
  10. Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of industrial drones.
  11. I am a pasture horse. When I was grazing a horse, I had to manually find it when I lost it. It was especially inconvenient when the weather was cold, but I later saw that I could mount a thermal imaging camera with a drone. . I assembled a drone, mounted thermal imaging, high-definition camera, and the efficiency is much higher than before, so the workload is much reduced and people are very relaxed. MMCUAV's Thyea ZT40 dual-light camera: thermal imaging, 4x digital zoom, 640 resolution, 50 Hz refresh rate, 25MM lens, one-button video, picture stability, clarity are good, bought two at once. 40x high-definition optical zoom, ultra-high resolution photo, comes with three-axis damping head.
  12. I am a pasture horse. When I was grazing a horse, I had to manually find it when I lost it. It was especially inconvenient when the weather was cold, but I later saw that I could mount a thermal imaging camera with a drone. . I assembled a drone, mounted thermal imaging, high-definition camera, and the efficiency is much higher than before, so the workload is much reduced and people are very relaxed. MMCUAV's Thyea ZT40 dual-light camera: thermal imaging, 4x digital zoom, 640 resolution, 50 Hz refresh rate, 25MM lens, one-button video, picture stability, clarity are good, bought two at once. 40x high-definition optical zoom, ultra-high resolution photo, comes with three-axis damping head.
  13. Hello everyone! I am a new employee of a drone company. I am here to learn something.