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  1. 👉 If you have a business drone for delivery, security, ambulance using Ardupilot/PX4 firmware, it is necessary to play live video from drone footage for your clients/partners from your application. And XBStation offers the ability to do that.

    👉 If you have a drone live event, by using XBStation, allows you streaming live video to social networkings like Facebook, Youtube

    👉 Your clients/partner can lay video in many playforms: Web browser, IOS device, Android Device, Desktop Application, ...

    How it works

    • XBStation generates an RTMP stream for the drone video and uses the cellular network transmit to Ground Control Station to archive low latency video
    • Then, station transmit the RTMP stream to Media Server like Wowza
    • From there, your clients can access live or on-demand video output from any device, browser, location, any platform

    Streaming Wowza Drone Media Server

    Support Playback Player:

    • Flash HTTP (20s latency)
    • Flash RTMP (5-7s latency)
    • HLS (IOS/Mac/OSX/Android) (15-20s)
    • MPEG-DASH (20-25s)
    • Silver Light

    👉Video below we stream video to my website demo with RTMP Adobe Flash Player

    For more infor, visit: https://xb-uav.com or contact us creator@xb-uav.com

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