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  1. I recently browsed into this TI22000 smart battery from MMC with a capacity of 22,600 mAh, a voltage of 26.1 V and 20 C rate. It claims to have functions like overcurrent, overvoltage short circuit protection for a greater security for battery use. Just wondering if this is really as safe as it claims to be. Anyone used this before? I need some advice.
  2. The MMC GCS in the second picture group claims to be compatible with pix4 and other open source flight control. So I guess this won;t be a problem. But you do remind me of the battery for the GCS which can be heavy.
  3. NO.1 UAV Factory’s off-the-shelf portable Ground Control Station (GCS) . It is described as a flexible and universal solution for controlling unmanned vehicles andpayloads. By using modular electronics compartment (MEC), application specific hardware can be quickly installed. The GCS can be configured to control unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), ground robots, bomb disposal robots, remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and other robotic devices. Key Features Universal off-the-shelf ground control station Based on fully ruggedized Panasonic CF-31 Toughbook Integrated Toughbook docking station Us
  4. We have read many news about fire caused by drone battery. Some of them are due to battery overcharing, when a LiPo battery is overcharged, the anode of the battery becomes plated with lithium metal and the cathode produces carbon dioxide. The pressure inside the battery rises as more gas is produced until the outer skin of the LiPo bursts and vents gas. LiPo venting is usually accompanied by flames which leads to the entire battery destroying itself. Overcharging can be prevented by charging LiPo batteries to a maximum of 4.2 volts per cell (or 4.35V for lithium high voltage packs) and chargi
  5. One of the many clients of Etlas Mobile just learned how to do the route planning for a mapping drone. Etlas Moblie is more than easy to operate for any greenhand.
  6. It looks quite portable and said to be water-and-dust-proof. Has anyone tried this one yet? SPECIFICATIONS Size(L*W*H) 406*306*93mmWeight 8kgMaterial Aluminum Alloy PlasticComputer Intel Core i5, 8GB Storage,128GB SSDScreen Upper screen:15.6-inch LCD /Resolution 1920*1080 Lower screen: 12.1-inch LCD /1500 nit Battery 4S Lithium BatteryVideo Output HDMITransmission Distance 8kmWorking Temperature -20℃~60℃Storage Temperature -30℃~70℃
  7. I wonder what is this camera's working environment? It can endure in low temperature?
  8. I am considering buying a new GCS, so I finally got to come to these two GCSs. I think I can get some advice from here to choose the final one. The first one looks very ruggedized with stabilized tray. The second one looks so portable with chic appearance and it is from a brand I know not so well. Their GCS look so different from traditional ones but it takes risk trying too edgy products, right ? Tell me what you think, thanks!