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  1. So this little 7in drone I want to build is going to need FAA clearance???
  2. Ok read that for FAA a little does that have anything to do with ppl who just fly for fun I. Fields or you know places like that.?
  3. How would one go about getting that said certificate of certification in USA I live in good ole Virginia.
  4. I use to build them . The real ones . And if I could help you with anything I would be glad at least tell ya what I know . Still have Friends building these things if you would like to do a blueprint of one a real one might be able to come across a set we built lattice towers mono poles , and guide towers hope I can help you
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    I'm Disabled I just want to be able to cruise around far as I can receive good quality picture. Maybe use it in the woods or even might try to get into the video and pictures and sale them IDK. I am 49. Going to be building off the chameleon 7 inch frame found that last night I just wish they had one put together already but I am very handy with a tool or blow torch lol so if I can count on some help. Need controller. Need 7in chameleon frame set up for cruseing and some light Ariel play And top shelf headset. Not looking for junk or crap to buy I don't want it to be made out of gold lol please help only thing set in stone is the frame . Unless y'all know of one better.