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  1. I find it interesting that your "places to fly in Denver" were not in Denver. Bill Fearheller
  2. I am waiting to see how well it works instead of reading about. Those of you out there that are getting these first few units can help by posting video of the drone working. Can hardly wait. bf
  3. As a drone flyer, I cannot do anything about these laws imposed by local government by myself. We as a group need to find a politician at the federal level that will go to bat for us. Does anyone know who that might be? bf
  4. My bad...didn't sound like that. For clarity, you (collective) are saying you cannot determine that any rules were broken from looking at the video...I'm saying (not collective) that the pilot knows if rules were broken, and just because you can't be caught or convicted, doesn't make it a smart thing to do and it reflects badly on all drone pilots. It will also sooner or later cause the rules to be more restrictive or bans to be imposed in more places than they are now. Guess we are both right...'nuf said. bf
  5. Interesting argument. FEW INCIDENTS!? If I fly my drone under 400 feet altitude at the end of the active at Jefferson Co. Airport, there will be few incidents. Most aircraft are more than 400 feet in the air by that time. Should I do it? As far as getting approvals are concerned, I didn't see in the article that permission was sought. I thought that was what we were talking about. If approval is received, then there is no controversy. I would be interested in parachute systems and a light for operation after dark, but I'd run out of places to put them on my Mavic 2 pro. I think I will stay as I am and fly legal as much as it pains me to do so. Be safe out there and have fun, bf
  6. Also point of knowledge: How long do I stay a "NEWBIE" ?? I generally resist labels.
  7. I would assume that the altitude restrictions have been exceeded here at some time or another. Count the number of floors on the buildings he/she is even with and multiply by 11. (I know about flying over and around obstructions (buildings) of 400 feet away) The footage is outstanding, so now I'm fairly certain others will now do these types of flights in cities everywhere. Sooner or later there will be a problem and the reaction will be to ban drones in cities...See Denver, Colorado. bf
  8. Last week in Colorado a car crossed the median on the freeway and hit head on into traffic. My point was it can't be undone, so be EXTRA careful. I used to fly in these craft and a 7.63 bullet from an AK took me out of the air on 3 separate occasions. 'nuff
  9. Flying won't get any safer and I'm at risk of attack by some crazed fool that thinks I'm spying on him. You can go to YouTube and see many examples of this assault on drone pilots while they are flying. These actions should be as criminal as if someone attacks the pilot of an airplane while he is flying. bf
  10. I agree that the FAA is final authority if not the only authority; however it would be prudent to have an extra set of eyes and ears helping you. After you knock a helicopter out of the sky, it will be hard to remember that the FAA is the only authority. Just
  11. I think this is a bad idea as explained now. I think this will cause more conflicts between public and pilot. I also think it is an infringement of my rights in the U.S. I realize other countries don't worry too much about personal rights, but I think the U.S. does (not necessarily the politicians). bf
  12. This is favorite drone is my Mavic 2 pro. I'll bet the LumeCube on this drone being the favorite of the majority. I would love to have two LumeCubes. bf
  13. To me, this is simple...if the controller is "stowed", who is flying the drone? Do the "activities" require that the drone is out of direct line of sight? If we are going to pilot the drone, don't leave the cockpit to have coffee with the stewardess. bf