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  1. Hi, I am a GED teacher. Our students came across an article on drones as ranch hands in New Zealand. Later 2 students came to me saying that they were in fact going to get their drone "license." These students are awesome,are great, but they learn different. Regular school didn't work. So I checked out the FAA-107 license process . I thought hmm, seems legit. I had them research the job market for drone operators, the pay, so on and so forth. They did all of it, made a presentation to the class, their personal plan. Well, that all lead me here to learn about the process. I want to learn as well, earn my certification. I have come to find out that our community college is going to be certified to give the part A test, in the near future. What I cannot find near us is the flight part or part b, near us. We live in Elizabeth City, NC. So if there are any of you who are near-by, please let me know.