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  1. Not really a game changer. Since the Mavic Mini still uses geo-fencing, you still cannot fly it in No Fly Zones. It still should only be flown in uncontrolled airspace and while following FAA Safety Guidelines. The Mavic Mini may fall in the Toy (Category 1) range due to weight, but it travels way farther than your typical toy drone. I don't think you would want to fly it in controlled airspace and have a neighbor with a grudge report you. I can assure you, the fact that it weighs less than .55 lbs will not spare you from any potential liability. But then my risk aversion may be higher than yo
  2. Thanks, BenF. You are correct though. The rules are different there. I posted a couple links within this thread that do clarify the situation if in the U.S>
  3. Thanks, Chase. I just printed this very information about two days earlier. I wanted it as proof, just in the very rare event I got questioned by authorities as to what guidelines I was following. I think this is very helpful information for at least us newbs and I appreciate the time you took to place it here. Thanks so much.
  4. I will likely call the Operation's Manager to see what he knows, but you can't get much higher than the FAA, since it is responsible for all air space. See previous video. I also found similar information stated here: https://uavcoach.com/recreational-airspace-authorization/
  5. Thanks for this update. The wheels turn slowly, but they are turning.
  6. Being a new recreational flyer, I'm still trying to learn and follow the regulations of which some are still not in place. One such rule on my newly printed sUAS Certificate of Registration is the requirement to follow the safety guidelines of a community based organization. One is the AMA but their Safety Guidelines and Safety Handbook seem geared more to the modeler. Also, the Handbook is still using the now defunct FAA MODERNIZATION AND REFORM ACT OF 2012. The other is the Drone User Group Network and they have nothing current on their web site since 2017. Does anyone know if they are still
  7. Well, I may still contact the airport operator just to see what he would find helpful, but I believe I found a very precise answer from Mark DeNicuolo, Deputy Vice President Program Management Organization FAA. He clearly indicates that it is no longer necessary to notify an airport operator of an airport in Class G Airspace. I'd start around the 8 minute mark if you want to hear the lead up to this specific remark, although the whole thing may prove beneficial for many such as myself:
  8. Thanks R Martin for your reply. Are you speaking as a Part 107 UAS pilot or as a recreational UAS pilot? I'll be flying recreationally.
  9. Yes. I'm a Newb and I'm waiting for my drone's arrival. I am retired and at my age I only see recreational use in my future. I have tried to study all the current changes, but I must admit that it is becoming a bit of a blur. I have been daily using a DJI Ryze Tello with controller to work on my basic skills prior to my Mavic 2 Zoom arriving. I'm also one of those that tends to suffer from analysis paralysis, but at the price of these drones, I just don't want to damage mine right after I get it. I'm sure I'll master it eventually. I look forward to garnering a wealth of information from eve
  10. When you click to gain authorization, are you receiving the pop-up which asks, "What type of LAANC do you want to request?" There you should be offered the choice of Part 107 Commercial or Recreational. If you are not getting this choice, I suppose your app might not be updated yet. You should have Version: 5.4.2 Build 77. At least that's my version and build number on Android. Of course, you also must be logged into your account.
  11. Yes, another newb here. I'm still waiting for my drone to arrive; so I've been doing my legal and piloting research. What a zoo of a transition for recreational flyers. I live on 22 acres with a local uncontrolled airport KFGU (VFR Only) about 2.5 miles from me. The SkyVector sectional chart does show the airport just within KCHA's Class C airspace and I believe it is within the 1200' to 700' transition. I am located outside of that in Class G Airspace . With the repeal of Special Rule 336, the new law no longer lists the 5-mile rule at least not from my perusal of the FAA Reauthorization Act