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  1. Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation
  2. Thank you , this really makes it easier to understand how to care for battery.
  3. Most of us are using LiPo packs to charge our drone, but we are all aware of the potential risks in them that may cost your entire drone if not properly cared or used. In this case, we will resort to some smart battery that has battery management system built in. Some may abide by strict rules to care battery. So what are the basic rules in drone battery care and some tricks that not everyone knows that can extend battery life? Would appreciate some sharig here.
  4. Etlas Mobile delivers its promise to adapt to not just drones, but also robot. Recently it is successfully applied to inspection robot manufactured by Gosuncn Technology Group that focuses on smart city and IoT technology.This means Etlas GCS could expand its application to more areas in the future. What would you wish it could apply to?
  5. The design looks novel. What is the case made of? It looks not so rugged, can it really endure harsh conditions?