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  1. Reposting because we had to make a change to the channel. Sorry for any inconvenience! Posting a new video later this week.
  2. I'm a pilot using a DJI Matrice 600 Pro with a Zenmuse X3 camera and IGNIS aerial ignition technology (developed by Drone Amplified whose link is found below). Just wanted to share some of what we're doing because I'm pretty sure we're one of the only private burn vendors in the country using a drone for aerial ignition support. It's a great tool for controlling wildifes, and safely conducting prescribed burns (our application). I've included links to some videos of the drone I made. Feel free to check those out or ask me any questions. Video links: https://youtu.be/VGuOBBDQfhI https://youtu.be/kXkn9ZGZQKA Drone Amplified's website: https://droneamplified.com/