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  1. I am offering a fully functional and complete professional drone package. This package includes everything that a commercial provider can use, ideal for photogrammetric measurements or for Trichogramma dropping. And as you can see by the pictures it's in fantastic condition and has no record of crash/repairs. Comes with 5 TB55 Batteries, 3 Sets of props, Z30 Camera, RTK Option to fly via GPS/add incredible precision/stability and the aftermarket case for the D-RTK 2 system. PM for more details, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Included items: * 1x Matrice 210 RTK V2 Aircraft * 1x Zenmuse Z30 Camera * 5x TB55 Batteries * 3x WB37 Batteries * 2x Chargers * 2x Sets of Props * 1x Cendence Remote * 1x 7.85 In CrystalSky Screen * 1x D-RTK 2 Mobile Station with Tripod * 3x Carrying cases Price is $8800 shipped.
  2. No, it’s not included in the bundle. Thanks
  3. DJI Matrice 210 RTK drone in like new condition for sale. The drone is mint but used, everything is aligned and it works flawlessly. It is free from scratches and has never had any issue/crashed. I've had this for over a year and used it about 12 times for a few projects. Price is $6700 (plus shipping), Included are Matrice 210 RTK V1 drone with dual gimbals installed Cendence remote controller Crystal sky screen 2 TB 50 batteries 2 Crystal sky batteries 8 propellers 2 battery chargers, cables and hard case.