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  1. Dave and Secure Hover, et al., I charged $25 per hour drive time, then I charged $175 per hour flight time, and .58 cents a mile. The one thing that I did not charge for is post processing. I am really glad you mentioned that since I had 2gb of video to upload, and over 425 pictures at 5mb each, LOL. Was a fruitful day, learned allot, it was clear, calm and cool. Took the day off from my full time job, and made a cool $500+ for this event. Appreciate your input, and will add the post processing in next time as my 50GB fibre connection to my house took four hours due to the si
  2. I was asked to bid on a job, it is located two hours away from my house, and the flight time is over two buildings and will take a maximum of two hours. Flying in Central IL, just south of Chicago, and no airports are a factor here, over ten miles from Ohare and Midway too.................... What would you charge for a job like this, they want video of rooftops, and some pano 360 pics too. Do I charge a rate for four hours of driving, then charge a per hour flight time as well? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, you can email me directly or respond to the post, wha
  3. Where do I start............You submit your 13-75 page 333 to regulation.gov and wait, and wait, and wait, and......................well 2-3 months later you have your business listed on their docket, then another two months later you wait and wait for the flag to be changed to approved so you now have your official 333 number. Now what.........well you have to purchase N#'s from the FAA website which is a GREAT smooth easy process and only cost $10. Next you have to request an FAA Form 8050 duplicate copy to hand write your serial number and the N tail # that you purchased and place the ha