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  1. Thank you! You should be able to find it on Instagram @_airmage. I have about 8 posts from the last few months, including some pictures from a nice trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons (right outside of the Nat'l Parks). If you could give some tips on how to push the market in terms of servicing and marketing techniques, that would be helpful. Thank you for the recommendation for Square! I'll have to check it out and look into it! Good luck to you as well! Shaun
  2. Thank you @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach for all of the advice! I actually already came up with a business name, Airmage, designed a pretty cool logo, made an Instagram to showcase my photos and footage, and am in the process of developing a website. I veered away with anything 'drone' in the name, as the word drone has a negative connotation, so after some thought and creativity, I came across the combination of 'Air Image,' or 'Airmage.' I will have to check out more about advertising as well. I recently applied for a drone delivery service called Zing, in my area, but have yet to hear back. Hopef
  3. Hey all, I'm a new drone photography business owner and am happy to do some drone photos and videos for real estate agents while pursing other clients. I live in the Raleigh/Durham area and recently got my Part 107 License, so I am looking for ways to monetize the license and make money with my drone. If anyone knows of any contacts in the Triangle area who could share some contacts with me, or if anyone knows of any good drone companies, other companies, or real estate companies that would be interested in hiring a licensed pilot, please let me know! Thank you for any help given!