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  1. Welcome from the north Dallas area. regards, - jim L-5 Imaging::l5imaging.com
  2. Welcome!! FPV has lots of challenges, but it seems like you're really up to the task. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future. - jim L-5 Imaging::l5imaging.com
  3. L-5 Imaging Search and Rescue Well, let's see if this works thanks!!! - jim
  4. The problem seems to stem from a link with youtube.com in the URL, but the error states there is no video at that url. It's a channel, not a link to a specific video. Maybe there is another way to get it done regards, - jim
  5. Tried, but got an error. thx, - jim L-5 Imaging::l5imaging.com
  6. Well, training ... I only know one way and that's the hard way :). I did my personal protection, firearms, edged weapons, and SAR training with a Force Recon Marine (NAD). Expensive, but well worth it I have a video channel devoted to SAR - I think most would find it boring, but perhaps there is something you might find interesting. You can access it from my home page (can't embed the link here). I'll definitely look you up the next time I'm in the vicinity of SA. good luck!! - jim L--5 Imaging::l5imaging.com
  7. Hi im a total newbie to drones thanks for having me here

  8. Welcome and thank you for your service! If fly the ANAFI Thermal and really like it. In Carrollton, btw. A bit north, but I do get down south on occasion for SAR training. Was also a TX Level 4 PPO at one time. Looks like we have quite a bit in common regards, - jim L-5 Imaging::l5imaging.com
  9. Welcome, Wesley! Now you've got me interested in visiting Carter Caves . Also, thanks for your service as an EMT. Your intended use of drones in the park is interesting and has a lot of potential benefit. I think you'll like that Mini. I have one as well and use it as a tactical (backpack carry) drone in Search and Rescue. Good luck!! - jim L-5 Imaging::l5imaging.com
  10. Awesome! Welcome and looking forward to seeing your contributions. - jim L-5 Imaging::http://l5imaging.com
  11. Welcome! Glad to have you. You chose a great activity for recreation L-5 Imaging:http://l5imaging.com
  12. Ah, a fellow Texan and someone interested in drones for SAR. Awesome!! best of luck to you!! l5imaging.com
  13. Welcome! Interesting background. I started 35 years ago writing assembly-language math libraries for supercomputers . Skydio and First Iz are moving along the lines you mentioned, to name a couple. Autonomous drones for event recon is interesting, but approval to fly over people may be challenging. Good luck!! - jim l5imaging.com
  14. Most dangerous activities tend to be at night, which is my speciality (although still working on daytime ops waiver for using drones at night). Increased injury risk and close encounters of the four-legged kind. Most dangerous was a search-and-mark (locate a physical asset, mark it with an IR strobe, record coords). Retreat to safe comms space and report asset position and ingress instructions. Can't use a lot of visible light for reasons I don't want to go into. Substantial use of NODs on that one. Almost fell a dozen times - ugh ... glad it was not too long. Beyond rain, craziest
  15. Just a quick hello from Carrollton, TX (north of Dallas). Most of my drone usage is in search-and-rescue. I also volunteer for the US Forest Service and hope to help with thermal scan of potential hotspots after controlled burns in the LBJ Grasslands near Decatur, TX. Thanks for such a great community. Jim Armstrong l5imaging.com