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  1. Daytime Search and Rescue operations, particularly obtaining terrain intelligence and discovering signs of where a lost person(s) might have wandered when. there are multiple options ahead and covering all on foot is impractical. The Mini is small enough to slip into a pack with minimal impact (ounces are pounds and pounds are pain). The unit could even be worn on a belt for faster deployment. The drone holds up well in wind and the camera is more than suitable for quick scan and discovery. Flight time on a single battery is also suitable for multiple quick deployments without a change. Spare battery is light as well.
  2. Exhibitor participation is WAY down from last year, but so far I've enjoyed all the law enforcement presentations and made some good business contacts. Jim Armstrong::L-5 Imaging::www.l5imaging.com
  3. I could throw out a bunch of superlatives, but none of them would do justice - simply outstanding work!! regards, - jim armstrong L5 Imaging::www.l5imaging.com