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  1. Every year, China's human casualties and economic losses caused by sudden public events such as natural disasters, accidents, and social security events are huge. The emergency industry, as an important material and technical guarantee for emergency management, is increasingly receiving national attention. The effective application in rescue can make every minute count, which not only improves rescue efficiency but also reduces the danger of personnel. In emergency rescue events such as industrial accidents, natural disasters, fire accidents, public events, and public transportatio
  2. Before drone technology matured, people had to use expensive artificial aircraft to obtain some data. Today, drones have a faster and cheaper way to obtain data, and they are more innovative. Drones are currently changing the development of many industries. In the process of obtaining data, mining has benefited from a completely new technology of drones. Drones are currently used in many mines, and in the near future, drones may be an essential configuration for mining. Drones can come in handy in all important areas of the mining industry, such as blasting, planning, mining operat