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  1. Hi Fiddler, what country are you from?
  2. Hi Dmitry! Tell me how things are with the law on UAV flight in Latvia. I am an expert in the commission on the methodology for the use of unmanned vehicles in the energy sector. With us everything is bad with the registration and terms of use, there are really no laws and is not yet expected, how are you doing with this in Latvia? I"m from Russia.
  3. Hello I am from Russia. I’ve been flying for more than three years on all DJI models. I also sell their drones in Moscow. Send your product, if it is interesting, we can start selling it in Russia.
  4. Hi Cajethan Ndukwe. Tell me please, Do you make 3D models of terrain and buildings? If so, what programs do you use. I used DJI TERRA, but I don’t like it. Are there any other programs?
  5. Hi Coach. When I demonstrate drones, I like to show Matrice 210. Everyone has heard about drones, but everyone presents them as toys for children, and they do not take them seriously (this is in my country, I hope it is different for you). But when I take Matrice out of boxing, when I hang 2 cameras on the lower mount (for example, Z-30), for people it's almost a shock. It really feels hidden power. And when I say how much it costs, everyone really understands that this is not a toy. And I myself fly to the Maviс zoom, it is compact and convenient.
  6. Hi, I’m not from the USA (Russia), I have been flying drones for more than 3 years, ell me how much the pilot earns from you ? Do you use DJI agros drones? Have you seen the new T16 model? link my videos.
  7. Hello everyone, I am Sergey and I am from Russia. I will be glad to exchange experiences. I sell in Moscow Dji and flew on almost all models from Phantom 3 to T16 (its new model)/.