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  1. Can you upload the files to the server again? I didn't have time to see much. Currently, after opening the link, I get a message: Could not find the scene to load.
  2. Referring to this sentence, do you recommend taking pictures on a camera angle of about 45 degrees?
  3. I will take photos from the drone for some time and share the result of the work. Do you recommend any exact CC settings for BTS? There is a slight fear, because last time the tower has drawn drone interference.
  4. Hence the question about techniques. We make orbits from top to bottom, in addition, vertical photos of each section. Pictures are taken about 4 meters from the tower by the Yuneec H520 drone. In addition, we take a lot of pictures of the place where the antennas are hung.
  5. Hi, I would like to know your tips on taking pictures of BTS (Base Transceiver Station). What programs do you recommend? I have heard many advantages about pix4d. I currently use Bentley Context Capture and it works poorly. Any tips on how to take pictures?