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  1. Hi everyone, My name is Hubert, and on behalf of my team (a fresh start-up based in Hong Kong), I am proud to announce the launch of GeoXpert, our new platform to empower clients with a user-friendly way to access, analyze and annotate drone data (see more on We developed the platform because we used to send Dropbox links to our clients but they had trouble even opening them (files where 50GB+). Now with GeoXpert, we simply send an invitation to our online maps and they can access and render results with a simple laptop, even with a phone or tablet. Supported formats include: - Orthomosaics - DEM / DSM / DTM - Drawings / contours - 3D Mesh - Point Cloud - WMS / WMTS ... and more to come We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. There are free-forever 5GB plans available on so feel free to give it a try! Plans with more storage start as low as USD15/mo, as we're trying to keep it affordable for most drone operators. Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Best, Hubert --- Some screenshots below: