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  1. @Alan Perlman and @Lewis@IcarusAerials, thanks for your teachings. My last 3d reconstruction has been featured in main page in Altizure. Its from Santa Prisca church in Mexico. https://www.altizure.com/explore https://www.altizure.com/project/56cb7282a68512876295e308/model Thanks from your friendly newbie and 100% UAVcoach...
  2. Hola Hola, soy Hector duran y vivo en Mérida y empecé un negocio de imagen aérea también,saludos a la banda
  3. Great! Thanks @Alan Perlman and @Lewis@IcarusAerials im ready for the next course...
  4. Also I would have the money for buying the new phantom 4 ???...so I'm getting roses....
  5. Anyway I started selling my phantom 3. It took me 3 phone calls to sell it, about 3 minutes. Why? Because I already have the inspire one, an also it's the right moment. Because in March phantom 3 would be an old one and would be much much difficult to sell it...so this is the time..
  6. @Lewis@IcarusAerials I also completed the course, my name is hector Durán. I support the idea of a more in deep extensive course...
  7. I followed instructions but the program doesn't output a zip file. I think because it's not payed version...
  8. Also some other pics...and a much better house 3d rec on pix4d than the first one that i posted...this is addictive...So more photos mean more detailed and accurate reconstruction?
  9. i think its improving....this is an old abandoned factory in a small village in Merida Yucatan in Mexico, done in Pix4d.Any comments on this one??? ..but it doesn't allow me to upload to sketchfab because it doesn't create the 3d_mesh.zip i think its because its the free version...any solution? any other software that allow me to? by the way this was created with no maps made easy because i didn't have internet connection...so it was on dji go app using waypoints and a point of interest flight with two elevations......no bad after all???
  10. So if you are modeling a neighborhood, the first its nadir flight, and the second is angled 45º? but to the front or to one side?
  11. Alan, a few questions...im in Merida Yucatan in Mexico. But i want to fly in the US...can i take your UAV certification program? I have talked with FAA and they say as far as i have an us address its ok...and i can get it. Theres no problem...what do you think?
  12. great, you have really teaches me a great lesson. Thanks Lewis
  13. HI Lewis... wich app would you consider the best for making size, volumen and area calculations?
  14. HI there, my name is Hector. and if did in dji go app a point of interest having sequential photos would it be better for reconstructing or 3d modeling?
  15. OH I have noticed there's a forum of angled shots, but from what I understood it's almost manual flying and angled shots, not really depending on an app to do it...should it be better to do with the Dji go app in point of interest and take angled photos for 3D building reconstructions?