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  1. We all know that we required drone pilots for aerial photography to mapping and thermal inspection but some it is so confusing how to hire a drone pilot and how to pay or charges by him. following are the point which can help to you to hire a pilot (expericence by lot of hiring and working with other peofessionals) 1) First thing first check the authentication of drone pilot or asked him/her license and take photocopy of it. 2) Request him/her to give sample of his last work with any cilent (never hire a newbie for mapping project or inspection). 3)Thirdly tell him/her to share a log file of last five flight or if he/she is dji flyer asked him to give his dji account ID or check by yourself when you meet. In that account find dji experiernce point if it is 0 to 3000 point than he in begenier , 3000 to 12000 than it is ammature and 12000 to 19000 than it is expert drone flyer . 4) Request him to give you raw file before editing also ,so that you can editi it later for any other projects you can negotiate the charges with and without editing it always cheaper to edit from someone than else than edit from a drone pilot but may required slightly more time . 5)Always asked for drone flyer for per hour chargers rather than a full package. while mapping always asked for accuracy of map that is in GSD, onces you finalised you can negotiate for charges less the GSD i.e 0.5 to 2 cm /pix more the charges but in very project you never required high accuracy this save your few bucks .Always asked for data report in pdf format and cross check data by expert survey inspector or local survey firm. i guess this is enough for you guys to hire please feel free to talk more on it with me. will post something advance next time. Have a happing landing!!!