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  1. What about clients I am currently flying for. What would the protocol be for publishing media to my web page or FB page? Do I just need to Share the video footage or photos on my page after they have published to theirs? The few clients I have thus far have been tagging me (for credit) in the media they publish. Some have been adding visual effects and music to media. Are there any written or unwritten guidelines for that? I have no issue with it at this point, but would not want someone in the future to modify my work in a way that could hurt my fledgling business. All just questions to educate myself. Thanks.
  2. Thanks everyone. All your comments and advice are greatly appreciated.
  3. What are my rights as a contractor with regard to flying one of my construction sites to take progress video and photographs for our website and/or Facebook page. Can the Owner of the development prohibit this? What are guidelines that allow or prohibit this?
  4. Is there an app or reasonably priced software that would allow me to overlay a kml file into a photo or video? I fly construction sites to take progress photos / videos for clients. I can convert the CAD file from the civil engineer into a kml file showing the line work (location) of proposed buildings, roads, etc... If there is a way to upload/overlay this “georeferenced” line work into my video or photos, this would give my clients a much better visualization of their sites layout and current status.
  5. I’m a beginner in aerial surveys and photogrammetry and am reviewing drones to get started with. My research has led me to more questions rather than an answers. I’m looking at the M2P and M2Z as my beginner drones and realize they are probably not up to par with what most of the members of this forum would recommend, but I will be primarily flying construction sites for horizontal “as-built” information and some vertical. I will also be shooting videos for site progress. I’ve read that 20MP is a minimum for decent photogrammetry. The M2P meets this but the M2Z is only 12 MP. That said the Zoom has the optical AND digital zoom capabilities. I have not been able to find the pixel density of each drone. Given my planned uses for the drone, can anyone give me some additional (expert) advice? As I mentioned, this will be my beginner drone. Once I’ve gotten into this a bit more, I will possibly look into the P4Pro PPK, with an Aeropoint. I’m just not ready to make a $9k investment at this point. Thanks in advance, Nick
  6. Thanks for the insight. I would hope to get accuracies of 3cm or less vertical and horizontal. This is under the presumption my control points are as accurate or better. I have found that drone of choice within the construction industry, is the phantom 4 pro.
  7. I am in the construction industry and looking into the Mavic 2 zoom or pro to do topo surveys of our sites (5-20 acres on average). I like the zoom options of the M2 Zoom and feel like it would be more enjoyable with regards to recreational video/photography around the farm, but am concerned the 12MP camera will not be enough resolution for a good aerial model (photogrammetry). Any insight from someone with experience in this area (and possibly with the M2 Zoom) would be hugely appreciated.