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  1. Hi Blaine, Thanks for your response! Funny you should mention Orange County... Actually we work very closely with most of the mosquito control districts in California and are under contract with a few for applications this summer. We also sell our systems to them and we offer training for them to become proficient in aerial applications (along with Part 107 and hands-on flight lessons if they need that, too). Orange County Vector is actually one of our customers - we just finished training four of their pilots earlier this summer. :). The fact that you mentioned Aedes, shows the
  2. Thanks, Chuck. We have three pilots now and two in training so that's the path we are on now. Just hoping to find more. Your website is great by the way! Thanks for responding! -Piper
  3. Hi from Piper in Northern California! Our two companies, Leading Edge Aerial Technologies and Leading Edge Associates, Inc, are expanding (yaay!) and we would like some recommendations on how to find experienced pilots to hire. Since we are one of the very few commercial UAS companies in the US that perform aerial applications (i.e. spraying) by unmanned aerial systems and we work in many states, we fit into a very unique category when it comes to the drone business. Having worked in the mosquito control industry for over 30 years, we have focused our efforts in vector control which is ve
  4. Hi Ranchwise! This is Piper from Leading Edge Associates. We have been applying pesticides for mosquito (our background for over 30 years - Lee County Mosquito Control is one of our customers) and weed control for almost 2 years now. We are also testing UAS application technologies for certain agricultural crops - particularly rice. And yes, the state regulations can be quite variable but you will need the 137 regardless. We are one of only a handful of pesticide UAS applicators in the US and it took us 3 years to get to this point through regular contact with the FAA. Our exemption includes t
  5. Thanks, Alan. I appreciate your quick response! -Piper
  6. Thanks, Alan. Still waiting for our amendment on our 333 to spray for mosquito control (should hear something in two months). Currently we are aware of only one company that can do this with FAA approval - Yamaha with their RMAX in California. Hopefully, we will be next! With Zika virus in the news, all of our clients want to know about the restrictions of flying over urban areas to find mosquito breeding sources. Any thoughts on how others are able to fly over populated areas for real estate, movie work, etc, and not have to run into this restriction by the FAA? PS- Still need work
  7. Sorry about being a bit late in responding. We are looking into LiDAR and multi-spectral imagery for golf course surveying, agriculture and mosquito control surveillance (wetland habitat, ponds, swamps, marshes, etc). So far we have seen excellent results with the multi-spectral camera we have on our multi-rotor PrecisionVision 5 (PV5). Did some work in the Florida Keys which turned out nicely. We are currently incorporating this camera into our PrecisionVision 10 (PV10) as well which carries a 10 pound payload. This one is a single mast helicopter. We are really excited about the precision me