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  1. hey there scobahcan, i read your post and Muhammad's reply to your post. although i agree with his strong point of return to home being an excellent feature, my opinion differs slightly. when i first started out flying, i used the Altair Blackhawk. i have attached a link: the only thing that i wanted to focus on when i began was to be highly confident that I feel what the UAV is doing as i controlled it. i wanted to be a good pilot without the gadgets. the pro gear practically fly themselves. it does not h
  2. if i am the fortunate winner of this little beauty, i would use it to end famine and suffering in the world and bring global peace. how selfish of my other flyers to think of themselves and what they would do with it....... nah, we would all just love to have another drone. we only need 1 more, just like guitars. thanks again UAV folks!!!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL AT UAV COACH! I made the decision on new years day that within a year I would be staring a new career that would be my last. I got certification training from your terrific course, logged hundreds of hours on a wide variety of different copters before buying professional gear. I started Red Star Imagery in September, and currently have a fleet of 4 inspires and 2 phantoms that I use commercially. I have to give y'all a ton of credit for not only the terrific course, but strong motivation to succeed. I appreciate very much your commitment to the growth of the in