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  1. Texas Earthwork companies do surveys all the time to give to clients to prove that their work conforms to the clients design. The difference is as you have laid out, those surveys are just a topo, and not listing out corners or boundaries.
  2. I read the article's quote wrong. While I would comply, it is only done under fear of prosecution. As for regulations, I don't need to propose how that would happen. That is for businesses to decide. If they don't decide how to do it, then it doesn't need to be done. Since there are companies working on that right now, it needs to be done and the best solution will be the one implemented instead of the cherry picked government backed organization with ties to lobbying. There is no reason to think that the FAA will do this right, nor through any other method that government typically works. There are already laws on the books that take care of any issues. If my drone hits something, I'm responsible for the damage if I can't prove it was the other person's fault. Remote ID is to be able to identify the operator of the drone and make it easy for law enforcement. I don't want to give up freedom to make governments life easier. If I'm worried about accidents, I can buy a drone with technology to reduce those chances. FAA Remote ID is asking the government for permission to do what you should be free to do in the first place.
  3. You do not speak for me concerning remote ID. The government is corrupt and inefficient. I support private business remote id options and having insurance companies making flyers pay higher rates when not using remote ID. Stop letting government run every aspect of your life.