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  1. Honestly, I am not allowed to give out too much details of the products. Sorry. I am not the one making decisions and I know little 😞 The focus of the product is long hour fly. The gasoline tank is 32L, exactly 55lb. It is medium size UAV.
  2. Hi there, I need some business advices please. I am new to drone industry. Our drone products are mini helicopter drone burns gasoline. We have both GIS system and AI surveillance system. Our products can stay in air for 6 hours if empty. And can carry up to 100 kg for more than 2 hours. 110km/hour. Max travel 240 km. The price is about 110k USD to 120k USD. How do you think I can better marketing our products? Should I try to operate in USA? The tariffs on EU and Canada bring up the price, which makes entering US markets more risky! Our markets in Canada grows
  3. I can supply you industrial drones. Our drones are mini helicopters use regular gasoline as fuel, 30L tank. Can stay in air for up to 6 hours. Max travel 240 km. 110km/hour. Can carry up to 100kg, for 2 hours. Approximately 100k USD per drone with an operation system. Tariffs on EU products would raise the price a little bit. My email address is Honestly, I am currently looking for sale agents.
  4. I am Tony. I am here seeking for some business advises. 😁