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  1. Ahem... The recurrent test is also "open book", so you have plenty of time to reference the training module and/or look up the specific FAA codes referenced in the questions if you're not entirely clear on the answers. The most difficult sections pertain to "Remote ID" and newish Nighttime Flying and Flying Over People regulations - precisely 'cause they are new. I'm happy to report all of my training from my initial test flooded right back to me and made all but 5-10 of the questions very easy to answer, even after 36 or more months since I took the 107! Best of luck everyone. Take your time - you have 90 minutes! - and you'll have no trouble acing this test!
  2. I had this same question as my certification lapsed over a year ago and I have been reluctant to take the recurrent test in person at a testing facility. Per, Jason Schappert maintains that the free training courses by the FAA will not be available for another 12-18 mos.! If you do not intent to fly/operate commercially between now and then, you can wait it out, but if you need to fly commercially before that time, you will have to take your recurrent test.
  3. Mavic Pro OG. Only drone I've ever used, aside from the 1st Gen Phantom. "Back when" drones didn't even come with a gimbal factory installed.
  4. New short film "Autumn Fires". Filmed entirely with the Mavic Pro. Polar Pro ND Filters.