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  1. Chase, thank you for your reply. I work for the Fire dept so ive been tryng to use it on emergency calls for exposure. Advertising wise, I have posted a few ads on Craigslist but no replies as of yet. I am open to trying all aspects of the drone industry until I find my niche. So far, Ive been using it for landscape and real estate photography and public safety. The issue I have is trying to gain new clients. I dont know who specifically to email or call. I am not sure who needs drone services. I am willing to get more certifications and the necessary training to succeed. Thank you again.
  2. Hi community, I am new drone pilot based out of Atlanta. I am trying to get started finding drone jobs and establishing business around Atlanta or anywhere inside the state. I am open to receiving more certifications if needed. If anyone can provide insight, it will be greatly appreciated. I am not in the network and don't know many people in the business.
  3. Hi everyone! my name is Tyler and I am located in Atlanta, GA. I am new certified drone pilot and I work for the local Fire Dept. I do travel photography as a passion and I use my drone sometimes at work on fire scenes. I am trying to get into the drone business and make it a second income. I don’t ont know much about which avenue to take. I recently bought a DJI Mavic pro 2 and Ive been using it daily to build skill. Im here to learn from other drone pilots and possibly seek out a mentor to study under. If anyone can help me get started by narrowing down ideas or if there is anyone in ATL, p