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  1. You sure can write it for yourself and save. It is free to write and petition. However if this is the way you want to go I would do it quickly as times are starting to back up. I submitted mine in October ad still waiting on a response.
  2. That's interesting, never thought about that. I didon't get all the copyrights. Makes me wonder how much Chang has to be done before the copyright is no longer valid
  3. Thank you very much. I had in total about 20 different logos to pick from but the color and design is what made this one stand out to me the most. The same guy that designed my logo also designed my cards and my Facebook banner as well
  4. I used some people on fiverr. I paid a few people. So I could have many different ones to choose from. It worked well for me. Actually I use the services on there frequently for marketing
  5. Hello everyone, My fleet is basically all Sky Hero from the Little Spyder, Little 6, and Spyder 1000 X8(Big Rig). If anyone is looking for any information on them or needs help building one. feel free to post up on here or Email me Ricardo
  6. If you have already applied for your 333 already, I would suggest start getting everything together for your N number registration. I just received mine today that i submitted back in October. After months of back and fourth between myself and the FAA registration Branch. The problem with the process is different examiners will want different documentation even if the previous examiner wanted said information. Best of luck to you. If there is anyway I can help. send me an email. Ricardo
  7. Hey brother, Let me know what I can do to help in central Indiana. Army Airborne Veteran here. Id love to team up with you!
  8. HI everyone, my name is Ricardo and I operate Skyview Aerial Imaging LLC. Based in Indianapolis Indiana. We currently do aerial photography and videography as well as thermal imaging. Alan, Thank you for providing a great resource for everyone. I look ford to meeting everyone near and far in this fast growing community. As pioneers in this field we have to ability to provide a great service to our clients and help the community grow together. Thank you Ricardo