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  1. DON'T PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE LOSERS! Same exact problem. This company absolutely sucks! I order 2 Phantom Pro batteries on Oct 4. The merchandise was returned to them by USPS because they addressed it wrong. I have a tracking number and was able to track the progression. They received the merchandise back on Oct 16. I have sent 7 emails through their pathetic website with no response. I have made 9 phone calls only to be told their mailbox is full. I finally reach a guy I could barely hear who sounded like he just woke up and he told me to email support. I explained I already had and received no response. He said "email support" again. I asked for a manager's name and direct number. He said there is no manager. WTH? I said to give me the name of who can I speak with right now. He said "email support". I told him I will light up the internet with how much they suck and hung up the phone. I then got my bank involved to dispute the charges. I think this is some young kid buying stuff online and selling out of his bedroom. Shop anywhere but here!