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  1. All I see is a mass closing of airspace. I would hope local regulators would work with the industry and allow for commercial use but I can see certain cities such as Sedona AZ to just flat close their airspace. Companies like Amazon, FedEx and UPS that bring money to the table will end up buying their way through but the smaller guy trying to gather pictures of a house for a realtor or map a construction project is going to have more trouble. I would suggest now is the time to start talking to state and local regulators and see get involved in local groups to push in the event this ty
  2. I love the idea of heavy lift drones. The uses in the utility sector is huge. A lot of infrastructure is in remote locations and we have to use traditional methods of either hiking in or helicopter to deliver parts. This could be a game changer for the guys in the field. Lots of uses there.
  3. Hello everyone, I ring in from Arizona. I currently work in the Utility sector as a Pilot and Program Manager. I have been flying for about 4 years now and running our program for 2 years. On top of the Part 107 license I also hold a Part 61 Sport Pilots license as well. I haven't had time to fly the real planes in awhile but hopefully one day I'll get there. So I currently fly the MD4 1000, Matrice 210RTK, DJI Inspire 2, and my biggest work horse, the Phantom 4 Pro. Seriously that thing just never disappoints. Just added a Mavic Enterprise and Mavic Pro (with prop cage