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  1. I purchased one based on two issues and a long history of wanting a Mavic Air. I am currently an indoor drone hobbyist with a number of mini drones. I have been looking at the Mavic Air as a step toward the outdoor world and future adventures. When I saw the specs of the DJI Mavic Mini and it's price I jumped. The Mavic Mini is not the Mavic Air but the Mini has many of the features I have looking at and is sturdy enough to be flown outdoors over a wide range of terrain. The two primary reasons for the purchase were the the long battery life and the foldability, although the reputation of the manufacture and the weight (read: lack of a license requirement) pushed me over the wall. I have not given up on the Mavic Air or one of it's bigger brothers, but have decided that the Mini is at the high end of the hobbyist environment, capabile of getting me outdoors, and could be the crossover or stepping stone into a larger (License required) drone if I decide that is in my future. I will follow up in 20 days (+/-) when I finally receive the DJI Mavic Mini.