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  1. There are a lot of variables to answering hypathetical questions. A few observations: if your in the US then it’s illigal to fly commercially beyond visual line of site. I can’t think of too many stadiums where if you flew to the other side you would still be in what’s considered “acceptable” visual line of site. Even if that’s not the case and you lost signal and your fail safe is programmed to RTH then it will fly direct and if it’s directly on the other side from where you launched then it will overfly the stadium. Unless you are w
  2. Hey all MP here - I wanna fly from location A to B, but in between of those there is a stadium, which i will have to fly around. So, If i do so, and get to point be, and lets say I lose signal, when drone will be initiating RTH - will it fly back in a straight line approach NFZ and land?