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  1. Thanks Chase! Will upload something as soon as I record something I am proud of. Need to practise more!
  2. Incredibly comprehensive! Saved it now for my trip to NC early next year.
  3. I sure you have seen lots of these now but here is a Mavic Air review that my friend published. She is a travel blogger and wanted to write a review of how the Air fits into her niche.
  4. My friend wrote a decent tutorial. He is pretty good at this kind of photography and his IG is mostly long exposure, fixed target panning shots of vehicles. Hope you find it useful
  5. Hey! I will be in Greensboro, NC soon and would like to know if anyone has some local tips/ do's and don't for me to follow. Any great places to fly?
  6. I'd say contact. I live near a small, municipal airport. Having spoken to them, they said if you phone and notify when you will fly and where, you have no problems. If you do not, and are spotted, the police will be called for endangering aircraft. Is worth noting I live in the UK so the rules may be different here.
  7. Its an interesting piece of kit. Will be good to see how it accepts the sales of the Spark and the Air as it seems to be a in-between step.
  8. Hey all! Hobbyist here. Mostly use my Mavic 2 Zoom for b-roll footage of the countryside around London and the rest of the UK.