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  1. I recently got a job opportunity to fly my drone and capture video footage of a bridge. This client is a transportation firm and participated in the design of the bridge. Can I fly over the bridge to get footage if there are cars on it? I know I can fly over stationary cars but what about moving. If flying over moving cars isn't allowed, can I get a waiver to do this? I am part 107 certified but never came across an answer to this situation. I feel like there are lots of little situations which aren't specifically answered by the FAA. Any advice helps! Thanks! Max
  2. Hello all, I recently passed my FAA part 107 exam and am excited to start flying commercially. I have been spending some time playing around with the different ways of pricing out drone services and have quickly found that it's not as easy as it sounds. I have planned to charge and hourly rate, and then on top of that, a price for photo or video depending on what the client wants. The price of photos and video would depend on the amount of photos or length of video. There would be a few other additional charges such as editing time and traveling distance. My plan is to customize each price for each client, but have set rates for things like 10 photos or 25 photos. That way I could quickly build a price depending on what they're looking for. Does this sound like an acceptable method of pricing? I would love to hear if this sounds ok or how other people are doing it. All advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!