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    F550 esc question

    a friend got me 6 blheli 32 bit esc's as a present to update the cheap ones that came in the kit and im lookin for some advice on how to set them up(i dont have then in hand yet) below it the specs off the site he got them from. Im looking for an idea for the settings and what version will work bes as i cant find much on goggle for a hex just quads Brand name: HAKRC Item name: 35A ESC built-in LED MCU: STM32F051 Firmware: BLHeli_32 bit Con. current: 35A Size: 26x13x5mm Weight: 7g Input voltage: 2-5 cell liPo PCB: 3OZ copper, Gold-plated -Support 500HZ PWM, Oneshot12