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  1. Fellow pilots - I want to make you aware of a new book about kids and drones our company has just published - The Adventures of Leonardo the Drone: Book 1: Photos from the Sky. As I’ve flown drones the last few years, I’ve noticed a growing interest among kids about drones, but there aren’t yet many girls or women in the field. This inspired me and my wife to create a children’s book with the lead character as a girl named Leah who gets hooked on drones when ‘Leonardo the Drone’ helps her rediscover her interest in photography. A WEB-ENABLED BOOK Leonardo the Drone, Photos from the Sky is an illustrated children's book that includes actual drone photos as well as live links to the ‘Leonardo the Drone’ website. As a bonus option, the reader or their parent can point their phone or tablet camera at the embedded QR graphic and a web browser will launch to show Leonardo’s actual drone photos and videos seen in the book. Several pages of back matter are included that cover drone safety, regulations, and photography tips. You can pre-order the book and get more info at: Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions. All the best... John =================================================================================== John A. Purdy == VP, Photographer, Drone Pilot, Programmer == ===================================================================================