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  1. Hey guys! I'm finally part 107 certified and looking for my first drone. (NOTE: i'AM NOT NEW TO FLYING DRONES, just being officially certified) So a quick FYI. I live in Idaho drone industry here sucks not a lot to do...yet. My wife and I are moving to Colorado next yearish, her father has talked with a company about integrating drones into their platforms for inspections. They are wanting thermal images as well. So her father has the mavic pro 2 already, I'm also short on cash at hand. Here's where you come in... Should I Find a drone with only thermal specs? or both a dual camera,
  2. I would love to know where you have found these said dones and how you found them for so cheap.
  3. Hey @Steveb I'am glad to see you over here! Maybe some day I'll be able to be a guest at your weekend get away once you get it up and running. Your reply is most helpful and I will definitely give that a try. I'am struggling to nail down a business name that will catch peoples attention or that is abstract. As to your question Mr. @Alan Perlman has generously put together an online course for individuals who are seeking their part 107 FAA drone pilots license to fly commercially. website is https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com/ I have recently completed this course and t
  4. Hi @Alan Perlman and @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach Thank you guys. I'll be revisiting this page quite frequently. You have given me a lot to go off of and a great nudge in the right direction. Again Thank you and honestly none of this wouldn't be possible with out you guys.
  5. Hi @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach Thank you for your response, I am excited to tell you that as a newbie and starting from scratch that at least I do know that I'am interested in the photography/cinematography as well. What I enjoy is being able to catch these moments of beauty and whether its over time or a short period be able to tell a story with it or share it with others. So it sounds like what you are doing is what I want to be doing. I do have a military background so I wouldn't mind doing aerial mapping or inspection services contracted out with them either. However one of the mai
  6. Hi @Alan Perlman Thank you for your response. Don't worry about the delay I have been helping bounce ideas off of @Steveb on a weekend get away in Spain, under the business forum. I will check out the drone jobs guide and see if there's anything in my area that i can find at least to start off with. Both @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach and you talk about setting up a portfolio based website, are there any websites in particular that you would recommend? As of right now one of the few gallery websites I've looked into is Envira Gallery. This site caught my attention because they also have forums
  7. Hi Steve Sounds like you have a great start already, Also this would be a perfect time to get an aerial photo of your property with the tents setup. I believe that would be a great photo for your business and customers. What type of transportation do you have in mind/ or set up for your guests? I would look into a shuttle van that can support 5 to 15 passengers and luggage. I would also look into a smaller vehicle for quick trips (more cost effective). How far outside of town are you? Maybe bicycles can be an option as well. or scooters/mopeds. Another expense but maybe in the
  8. Hi Steve I almost forgot to include that accidents do occur so I would also look into bundles that come with or for the drones you buy. Examples would be carrying cases, remotes spare batteries/charging ports, new wing blades for the drones ect... example this would be a bundle buy to get started, i.e. website below. There are also maintenance bundles that only include spare parts. Also where you buy does matter. Amazon doesn't offer warranty but i'm sure you could buy one for extra cost vs manufacture will offer replacement policy options and or warranties. This route does tend to b
  9. hi Steve As a drone operator If my wife and I traveled to Spain I would definitely consider your place as a stop. How ever I would bring my own drone and of course research the laws where ever I went before operating. Also here in the U.S. we have AirB&B I'm not sure if those are else where around the world but it would be a good starting model for you. I would look into how their model is built. However I would not business with them! Also with that being said I would look into cheaper options to those who have their own. (reduced price). ect. Another thing to look into is the
  10. Hi everyone I asked mike about this form to see if there were any tips or advice I could get about starting a business using drone aerial footage (photos/video). However I'm not really sure where the market is for for this type of work yet. So I guess my questions are: 1) where should I be looking? 2) Who should I contact? 3) and whats one of the best ways to start? 4) what will I need? I am currently taking your course, I'am on lecture 7.5. I've also already looked up the closest testing center. So the first initial steps have been taken. Some of the ideas I have
  11. Honestly I would try going into the local businesses and offering services in person. It helps build rapport with the business/people and the community and through networking and word of mouth can land you quite a few jobs. other than that there's always military contracts you can bid on. (quite the hassle to get set up though). I know this isn't much help but its a good start.