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  1. We (the company I work for) may be interested, can you please list exactly what the package contains so I can do a proper cost analysis? Thanks!
  2. Were I to win the Mavic Mini, I would most likely use it for more personal, fun stuff. Most of the flying I do now is for business purposes, but having something so handy and small would make it easier to play around with minimal set up time. Pick me!
  3. @Av8Chuck Well put sir! In addition to the 'over people' issue, did the pilot also go to various rooftops to get each shot and maintain VLOS? I would like to hope/think it's being done within the proper rules as folks who break them just make it harder for everyone else, but I agree with your assessment, it's difficult to confirm/deny 100% with the footage alone. A look at the black-box data would be the way to go to know for sure. It's impressive footage, and if s/he is doing it by the book, it's even more impressive 😉