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  1. Congratulations, UAV Coach for being a part of the process. Because I teach middle school, I’m thinking of all the young people getting drones for Christmas and other holidays. If this recreational test is required, I recommend it be included on all drone/sUAS packaging and that testing be easily accessible in each school district/county. Perhaps each area’s community college and/or public library could administer the test? Also, the cost should be reasonable if we want people to comply. I recommend no more than $10.
  2. He should follow the rules. If he doesn’t know them, he should not be able to fly. People who disregard basic rules like don’t fly over people and do a flight plan before getting up in the air, it ruins it for everyone who is a responsible pilot and that behavior puts lives at risk. He should have situational awareness and known how close he was to an airport and the president. Flyaways should be planned for like defensive driving.
  3. We're moving to Huntsville, Alabama in a few weeks for my husband to start his new job. I'm excited to get more hours in as a drone pilot now that I have passed my Part 107 exam. (That means I have to change my address already with the FAA! Hope my official card gets here before we move!) But, I'm excited to learn and so far, the informative newsletters and the structure of the UAV Coach website makes me think I've found a great resource to help me develop my skills even more. I am a Technology Education teacher in Virginia until the end of the semester but there are no openings for that wh
  4. I would LOVE to find a drone that is affordable that is NOT made in China but since I am just learning how to use a drone and just received my Part 107 certification, I am starting out with the affordable JJRC X12. So because I own it and can use it, it is my favorite for now.