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  1. If anyone wants to trade a Phantom Pro4 for a camera 7s. Here is the pictures.if need pictures email at
  2. Hello Anthony I had some questions about my drone it’s the DJI Matice 210 RTK. The question is how do I get the station to work right they show the greenlight but I’m not getting the reception that I shared the app I’m using a DJI Go app. It has a 3 modes on the drone and when I put on RTK the station does not work and it shows can’t fly? Can you give me your expert opinion ?
  3. My company name is You can see some of my work and you can send a message to the site.Thanks for the talking about UAS services.
  4. The question is anyway if you know Realtors in Kansas that need 107 certified pilots? If so can you send there information. I have a UAS DJI Matice 210 RTK. I can fly in cold weather and it’s the best drone I’ve owned.
  5. Getting a lawyer is the best answer because they cover you on forms and give you an IRS number and do a lot of the work for papers that people need to fill out so that you don’t lose your ass. And look into websites and make sure they offer search engine so that when you put your business name up it’ll go into weddings photography real estate so when they click on your website called photographs it will show up and all those categories. I’ve been down this route and believe me there are a lot of companies that say they have search engines to go to your site make sure you get it in writing.
  6. It’s not easy you half to go to a lawyer and get a business name and a website it’s very expensive and then you have to get licenses for the city to fly commercially it is very rigorous. I know it cost me for the lawyer fees about $2000. Plus you have to have insurance and be bonded for 1 million or 2 million depending on what kind of applications you use what kind of drone do you have?
  7. Don’t forget to register a new card for flying commercial or hobbyist on FAA website because you have to change your card when you move you know when you registered your drone. On the FAA website just trying to help.
  8. Hi to everybody that owns a DJI 210 RTK. There’s things that you need to know like when you get started to take a flight make sure that you check your flight Antennas if you have two of them make sure they are tight if not your propellers could get caught up in them that’s just a helpful hint.