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  1. Good Day All, By way of introduction, I am Tony from Zimbabwe. I have had a Phantom 3 for about two years - intending to get into drone photography, but with the inhibitive drone laws in the country, this is proving quite a hurdle. This has put me off so hence I have not flown for a couple of months. I am needing to re-read my user manual again before I venture out. There are some stunning flying opportunities in the country - far away from the authorities and beaurocracy. Baby steps and one day they will see the benefits of the drone industry.
  2. Hi Alan, I am not to sure if I read your opening post correctly. Are you wanting drone laws in the US by state - and do you call them COUNTIES - as in the UK - or are you looking for drone laws per COUNTRY. Not that there are going to be many visitors from the States visiting Zimbabwe, but I can give you the laws as are now almost legislated in Zimbabwe. Do I post them here on the forum or do I send you as separate email with the document??