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  1. Hi Justin What is the course you are on? Is an online on, a silly question probably! Also as you know im setting a business up with a Drone theme. I found with looking for a name it is important to not only get peoples attention but be prominant when people do an online search. Luckily I have a friend who did a few quick searches using her Google Pro account on the sort of words people put into search engines on a weekly basis that are connected to Drones and walking holidays. I was surprised how many people search for it!!. It was incredibly usefull as the search highlighed all t
  2. Hi Justin Yes I agree I will certainly get the Aerial photography. At present though I have the tents and the pool as well as the property ovbviously, and space however Im having the washing and toilet facilities built and aranged over the coming weeks. I do think though a shot would be good idea and I will arange as soon as I can. Location We are 3.5km from our town centre which if your interested in having a quick look is a small town called Coin, in southern spain. Its so perfectly located as its approx 35 mins from Malag, Mijas Pueblo which is a famous spanish village
  3. Hi Justin Thank you for taking the time to give me so much info and help it is really appreciated. Im still in the evolution of planning the framework for a set business plan and all the help and pointers peopl give me are invaluable. We certainly do have Air BnB here and i have used them previously. I have a small villa we have let out using one of these companies for 4 Years now gaining a 5 start rating from Tripadvisor something which will benifit me should I host people in the future for this venture. At first I would look to keep costs down and offer the accomodation vi
  4. Hi Also if a party books and would rather break the day up with half droning and half site seeing in Andulucia some where, that is not a problem. Im also looking at making it a bit more exciting than just Aerial photography and would like peoples thoughts on such alternative activities such as a Treasure hunt, agility course or Night flying which is allowed in Spain depending on Drone size and local Authority approval. Something I would look to investgate further if people are intested. Not to forget I have a pool on site, 3 acres of land and am 35 minutes from the Bea
  5. Hi Thank you for getting the conversation started, i definatly agree it is an intruging venture and one I hope with the right planning be a successfull one. Im only in the planning stage at present and really looking to see if there is an initial interest with the idea and help from drone enthusiasts with regards to such things as their thoughts on trip planning and a what they would like to see or do whilst on the weekend. Ive looked into the laws for Spain when operating a Drone and they are fairly easy to stick to i belive. The Spainish regulations fall under the AE
  6. Hi Guys Im new to this forum so a big hello to your community. I've been looking into starting up a Drone business in the travel sector and would welcome peoples thoughts, ideas and guidence as this something I dont have a great deal of experience in with regards to Drones. I live in Southern Spain near Malaga, surounded by breath taking views and a nice size plot of land in the country side . My idea is to offer Drone enthiasts from around the world a weekend of droning in Andaulcia, with various benifits included such as: Camping on site, Tent and camping equipment ren